Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blind Following

          How far do you tow a line, the one that doesn't exist. Strictly speaking its a mirage personally speaking its Hope, and medically its neurotic. Perspective they say, I say convenience. Convenience to communicate as per requirement. In throes of life we come across all types, from fat to fidgety. Some we impress others we repress. The imaginary lines are towed accordingly. I bet my fat wallet (that makes my ass) on it.
         During early nineties Marina beach use to have these women for a quick head. Evenings were when they would appear from nowhere for everywhere. A dear friend wanted to make the most of his Rs 20. So every time he was about to eject (sounds better, more like a fighter pilot) he would look at the waves. Eventually Rs. 20 lasted close to forty five minutes. The ingenuity of towing that imaginary line!
        Nobody knows the amount of black money Indians have in Swiss accounts, yet a horny yoga guru takes all of India for a free porn show. I mean this literally not in symbolic kind of way. How else do you explain soft moans of Mr. Sibal for first three days ending with the shrieking rape cries of this baba on the fourth. India being the bystander and media being the perfect pimp. The ingenuity of towing that imaginary line!
       Lets make love, lets make babies. For Ganeshji 's sake (why only Christ) they mean the same. The catch line is only for a catch. I mean seriously when I was at it, babies was the last thing on my mind. Let the women don't fool you even they know. Perhaps they play along only to fill you with guilt later on. The ingenuity of towing that imaginary line!
       Elders take the cake in any case. Plenty of them make the poor hapless kids and their spouses toil day in and day out. Looking after the elders, for good karma's and for their much awaited WILL. Happened to be in one of the sessions where my Masi (Aunt) was berating her young son and poor hapless sexy wife. 'All of this is yours once I go'. Just couldn't help saying it, 'You anyway cant take it with you Masi'. That was the last I got a cup of tea there. The ingenuity of towing that imaginary line!
       Honestly speaking, for me writing is not a form of self expression nor am I swayed by the bounties of a best seller. My hero is Salman Rushdie. For Ganeshji sake are you blind or what, have you seen Padma Lakshmi. If that fat bald can have wonders of a squeeze, I certainly am looking for mine. Once again, the ingenuity of towing that imaginary line!