Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kamasutra Revisited

Peeing in pants, passing out on a date, farting in public etc etc, been there done that! Well never an iota of shame I relate to these past trophies of mine. Kudos that makes me thick skinned, then what the fuck was I thinking writing my last post 'Blurred'. Seriously moping like its nobodies business, I mean that was one piece of morbid and graphic detailing. Why? Maybe I expected the heavens to have mercy and send me truckloads of happiness in form of 'Naked dancing women, begging me to bone them'. Seriously why do we want to show our pain? As if pathos generated equals healing! One in a million chance that somebody somewhere liked it and wants to mother me, what if that somebody wants to father me. That's a new dimension of problems created for me and my mummy!
Anyway the sunshine is back and I start to wail for wifey again. Boohoo where are youuuu! Guys seriously seeing her work actually makes my lazy bones shudder (shake less you bones, ye might crumble). She gives new meaning to strength and drive. Was wondering 'is it the corporate effect'? Dressing right, jazzy gizmo, snappy abbreviations, schedules, deadlines, packed FB friends list etc. The representatives of new insurgent Indians! The weekend Daddies and Mummies! I mean the whole packaging is irresistible. The whole tamasha has really brought the oldies back in demand. No more nuclear families. Now having Dada/ dadi/ Nana/ Nani is mandatory. How on earth will the extension of lusts be taken care of? (Stop imagining perverts) I meant the kids. Mummy / Papa working and their 'suhaag raat/din' by products need to be taken care of. Thank God, old age (mine) is secured. By the way these oldies are pretty demanding now, no  more take me for granted attitude. They know their worth and demand equal pound of flesh. The package deal is - full time maid, evening strolls, weekly movies, strutting at malls and to n fro flight tickets. Thank you Capt Gopinath. You gave us the habit and now Mr Goyal and Mr Mallya are fleecing us. That reminds me, till I'm at it let me call MOM (in law) and enquire about her (in) well being!
Trip trip and trip some more, till you stumble and break some bone. That my dear is the mantra for experience, and believe me wisdom actually is 'the amount of money and time spent with shrink'. Can't blame anyone for this. Life is tough, as if it has googled - 'How to screw these mortals?' and the result show MORE THAN 10000 pages of Illustrations! Creaters of Kamasutra, NOW PAY FOR IT!

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  1. Well written. I liked it. :))