Saturday, January 8, 2011

On the love trail

Show me the motion, emotion, ration...tra! Well the the harbinger brought me tickets and off I went into the arms of wifey Takatao (how else can you explain all the cribbing). Off for some motion some commotion some notion and some more motion...forget it, that's the limit for my rhyming words. Behold you jealous world, lovers finally united. Liked it wifey?Listen world, my wife says I write good and the Booker guys will be knocking soon, so now onwards 'I write what she likes'. What? Seriously if I knew what she likes, she'd be here with me not in Qatar. So up goes my...thinking cap. (perverts what where you expecting)

The fancy dress never ends. Create rs of souk wanted it to be the showcase of Arab world (abject penury days). Coffee, sheesha, cologne and wifey, well the ambiance was almost picture perfect. New Year ushered in without alcohol (heard they whip you for being drunk) well that was for the almost bit! How I desperately wanted to believe that we in India are better off then these strict Muslim Arab nations. Some how its the western (blame them for whatever is wrong) propaganda machine working overtime convincing the world of fanaticism and Islam. Well Yankee friends, I'm not fallin' for that trap. I would rather define the Arab world as courteous, disciplined, patriotic and above all Humane. Yes the whipping bit does leave sore marks and thoughts. Wow! I'm thinking. Its the release of blood flow to the brain finally. Thank you wifey! By the way making wifey pay for everything...well that's Priceless!

Forgot to mention, Pradhanji wished me new year greetings. Bang at 12 at night, he really is looking forward to the Bengali association. He sure will make his margins. Hope these guys do turn up on 9th in huge numbers or else my initiation in politics will nose dive. Ouch! That would hurt (imagine nose hitting the floor). OK, accepted that was a poor one, but then how else can you explain writing in this cold. You certainly can't question my intellect. Cold reminds me, am I the only one who really thinks that the toilet seat should be heated and the cleaning nozzle (we don't use mugs anymore) should spew hot water. To top it all how about some mechanism to relieve oneself without really undressing. Believe me these innovations would and should get Nobel, plus heartfelt blessings from me! Wow that brings me to my new year resolution - "Undress for the right reason and dress up/down for upright one"

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