Monday, December 20, 2010

Lets see where it leads!

Kind of difficult playing a good husband, wifey dear in Qatar and its getting tiresome just looking after the house, kids, dog,work, face book, twitter, blogging (my daily dose of being creative). Told her last night get me there "Bugger earn your bread" was a quick and sharp reply. Wondering wasn't I better off just mast..bating! Anyway hoping she'll see my hard work and call me (would love to cook for (and) her). So as they say..lets see where it leads!
That reminds me went to the local pradhanji after dropping off the second kid at school (I have two, hence four trips in a day). Was wondering if we could get all the Bengali's working as menial helps to come together and form an association. Pradhanji was quick to come up with all support possible. Guess it would be easier to exploit them if all of them unite (he he he). I'll ensure these fancy guys with their fancy jobs suffer. All because of this new adventure of mine. Special thought for all society presidents and secretaries, their high asses need spanking! These high asses come out with regal notices of terminating passes and fixing rates of baba adam days. See wifey staying alone at home and not working has made me so jealous of all the ones with jobs and obedient wives. Again...lets see where it leads!
Need to keep this one short, with all the paparazzi really cant afford to over expose my skills. So readers won't give you multi orgasms today just four or five is enough!

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