Thursday, December 23, 2010

The dream germinates!

To cut a long story short (nah, if I cut it short what will I write) my idle mind is agog with ideas of germination! Strange just few days of celibacy can make even words like germination turn you on. 'Wifey come hold my hand, and take me to wonderland'. With song on my lips and dreams in my heart - crap didn't rhyme- How do writers do this? Guess when your mind is solely thinking of germination, it really functions as an independent judicial system. All suomoto actions. Maybe its the flow of blood, all to accumulate at the centre (of universe). Is it making any sense at all? No. Sure sign 'I'm on Booker trail'. Do they have a category for - germinating,masturbating, gyrating, ...ding....ding...ding and some more ding ding writing debut?

Ah! By the way my Bengali friends are turning around, have fixed up a meeting cumming Sunday at 3 pm. Will debut as a speaker as well. Hopefully the association of marginalized will be formed soon. Schools and Hospitals (especially private ones) beware, here comes the sleepy, horny, lazy to the bones crusader. Wonder why I didn't mention 'Police'? I'm sure they have no role in punishing these 'marginalized for margins' friend of mine. Can't really blame them poor goons oops sorry, poor policewalas are any which way the most marginalized of all. The successive abortions of germinating seeds owing their bloodlines to our Netas has taken a huge toll on these poor little bobbies. See how cleverly I'm mixing germinating with one and all! Kudos to my organs, specifically my topmost empty one!

Its deliberation over action for me. The biting cold, the piping tea and absence of wife what better justifies non action! No wonder its happening all across - the parliament, CBI enquiry on so many scams, the crying onions...that reminds me, have we checked the onion trucks coming from Pakistan. Was wondering can metal detectors or sniffing dogs detect 'Goodwill'

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